Nano Talks

Nano Talks are 1-2 minute powerful, well structured and prepared speeches on any topic. Compete in the language of your choice: ENGLISH, PORTUGUESE and SPANISH.

Basic Rules of the Nano Talks Contest

1- Time: 1-2 minutes, plus or minus 30 seconds. 2- ANY members (who are not District officers) in good standing can participate. The “International Speech” contest held every summer has eligibility requirements, but not the Nano Talks competition. So, every member is eligible to participate. No excuses! 3- There is no topic limitation. You can choose any topic you want. It just has to be original.

How to Participate

- Each club will conduct a contest and select ONE winner - The winner will then upload their video to youtube for the respective judges to select ONE FINALIST PER DIVISION. - All videos must be uploaded to youtube, privately, no later than September 27. - Finalists will be announced on Monday, September 30, 2019. GOOD LUCK!