Nano Talks Game Show

Who will give us the most powerful and thought-provoking talk? Here’s your chance to prepare a 1-2 minute speech on any topic. WOW US! ENGAGE US! LEAVE US SPEECHLESS! Participate in the language of your choice: ENGLISH, PORTUGUESE, and SPANISH

What is a Nano Talk?

An extremely short PREPARED, powerful, thought-provoking speech.

Basic Rules of the Nano Talks Game Show

1- The talks shall be from one to two minutes. 2- A participant “celebrity” will be disqualified if the talk is less than 60 seconds or more than two minutes 30 seconds. 3- There is no topic limitation. Participants “celebrities” can choose any topic they want. The only requirement is that the talk be original. 4- Participants “celebrities” are free to use the standard Table Topics Judge’s Guide and Ballot form as a guideline in their preparation.

How to Participate

A. Participants “celebrities”, in good standing at any club in the area, need to upload their videos to YouTube (privately) and send the video link/s to their respective Area Director, no later than Friday, September 27th. B. Each video needs to include the name of the participant “celebrity” + title of speech or talk + the respective GAME SHOW. C. You will receive notice on or before October 7th if selected to represent your Division. GOOD LUCK!!